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at mona litta art

Mona Litta Artists are popping up everywhere. Here we catch highlights of some of the experiences as well as the amazing Mona Litta artworks students are creating. This space will grow to exhibition proportions! Who doesn’t love a sustainable artwork and some sustainable art-making!

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The benefits are many. Besides the obvious - learning to create in ways that care for an environment under stress thereby helping not only our habitat but also helping to protect the Arts sector for
future generations - there’s benefits including (in no particular order)… more connectedness to ecosystems and human impact on them, psychological benefits of eco-connectedness, integrated
studies learning with significant focus on Science, resourcefulness, critical thinking, problem-solving, flexible-thinking, conscious risk-taking, mindfulness, improved wellbeing, communication
skills, innovation, design-thinking including life-span of a product, pride and leadership, links to community and industry, work skills, and more!

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