Visual Arts Education -

A joy-filled, hope-infused, integrated Visual Arts Education that holds central the Sustainability drive in your curriculum and community! 

Mona Litta Art
The Vision at Mona Litta Art - A thriving Sustainable Arts-filled future

Mona Litta Art assists education sites (Pre-school, R-12), teachers, students and communities to further their journey and commitment with Sustainability – now positioned as a broad curricular Education goal – through the wondrous and exciting vehicle that is the Visual Arts. 

The Mission - Sustainability to become the heart of everything

Mona Litta Art embeds Sustainability across the Visual Arts program – which is nicely positioned for the cause being so materials intensive. But the opportunities to integrate are so much more!

Joy and Depth

In 2023, Mona Litta Art supplements the Australian Visual Arts Curriculum and centres Sustainability across its breadth and depth. No curriculum is off Mona Litta’s radar for the mission is global. The common language - art and joy, exploring with students and communities the skills, techniques and framework to experience and create in a sustainable world.

Across all we do

Mona Litta Art breaks down art practice into its component parts. Be it conceptualising, designing, preparing, making, displaying or managing the art product - the process is centred. And just as this is a win for the Earth - so it is a win for the artist experience, the audience journey and a flourishing contemporary Arts.


Mona Litta Art explores and uses resources and techniques informed by circular, integrated, iterative and other Earth-friendly methodologies and knowledge. As part of this, alternative resources and supplies are used alongside a rethink of “better practice” when using the staples and favourites often found in Educator and communities' 'art cupboards’!

Education - Here's what Mona Litta Art offers:

Experience innovative processes as well as traditional materials and techniques sustainably through Mona Litta Art by:

Read on to find out about Mona Litta Art’s student-outcome focus through integrated and even real-world learning!


Images of engaged, purposeful (or processful) Mona Litta Artists and Mona Litta Art-inspired artworks.  What you’ll see is students creating, exploring, experimenting and communicating in a path forward to deep sustainability in their future.

Raving about Mona Litta
    Paul Sawyer

    Year 6/7 Teacher

    "Thanks for all the effort and passion. The students in room 4 were very privileged to have you share your knowledge and expertise for the day. Awesome learning and reflecting occurred as they made their art. Truly Angela you’re on a winner."


      Year 6

      "I’m going to try to make more art with stuff I find instead of buy!"


        Educator PD Participant

        "So valuable to learn sustainability in the art program and its link to curiosity and hope!"


          Year 2 Mona Litta Artist

          "I learnt that every art is different to yours. I like it because it is different!"

            Roxanne Trevor

            Early Childhood Educator

            "Angela's energy and passion for sustainable art practices left an impression on our young, budding artists. They developed an awareness of the impact of human activity on environments."

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            Acknowledgement of Country

            I acknowledge where I stand as the ancestral home of the Kaurna Yerta people and I pay my respects to the Kaurna Elders and Seniors of present and past, as well as those yet to be. I know that their sovereignty of these lands was never ceded.

            I acknowledge all First Nations students, teachers and staff with respect and curiosity in my role as an educator, acknowledging that they represent the oldest continuing living culture in the world and I do this as an act of reconciliation as part of justice and partnership.

            I thank the Kaurna Yerta people of these traditional lands that I love, live on, care for and call home, for the respect and care they have always taken, and continue to take. I acknowledge First nations cultures are showing me how to walk gently on this coastal Kaurna Land and its waterways, how to move in synergy with Sea Country and how to gaze respectfully above.  My gratitude to them for my growing connectedness to that which sustains me is endless.

            I commit to supporting First Nations culture and ceremony to thrive and greatly appreciate generous hands to connect.