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A decade in the making… has meant a lot of time, effort and cost. Maybe you or someone you know could help out! 

Donation Wish List

What Why Cost As a wish In action Thank you!
Framing mats
used as a pedagogical tool for temporary art pieces - often made from litter - as this one is here!
over $60 worth

Crazy Roy's Print & Framing Superstore

1255 South Road, St Marys, Adelaide, SA, Australia, South Australia

Children to adult size mostly latex/polyester gloves. Also some        cotton to provide for allergies.

as the dried paint splashed can then be gathered and used. Educators and students can then learn that the less paint we get on our skin—the less that gets washed down the drain. No student, however, will be required to wear gloves.

Cost for 3 class sets = $300

Canvas drop sheets

Sustainability’s immersed in every process at Mona Litta Art. It’s how waste is prevented, circular use of resources is supported, new materials are generated, and earth-sustaining dispositions, thinking and skills are developed. Taking care of the ground underneath us, which is linked to broader environment, is imperative. I would love to have 5-10 separate 5ft x 18ft drop sheets. This helps Mona Litta Art to highlight the how and why by example in both large mural works and the small group work that will happen concurrently!

Cost for one = $21.02

Cost for 10 = $210.20

EVA Foam Sheet Adhesive Backed offcuts

I sourced some of these from a store and could ask for a donation however they have no Sustainability Policy and the store is mainly filled with plastic products - a hard pass! So I am instead seeking offcuts. Anything between 3-12 mm thick, roughly between 5cm & 50cm squared (doesn’t have to be square at all!). And for this one, I can’t say why just yet - it’s a surprise!

Already in circulation

Echidna Wet Brush Storage

Using vapour instead of fluid, this box keeps wet brushes wet instead of continuous rinsing into waterways between classes and during multi-day events. Of course, the box will be located and accessed with a full risk assessment - as does everything Mona Litta Art!

$300 inc. vapour

Cash donations

This venture has been a decade in the making, a labour of love not money. Any artist will know it is hard to secure your future yet the call is great. Add to this the fact that my journey was effortful in years of collecting litter even before I learnt to create the art to spread awareness for plastic pollution and well you might appreciate the cost of my time. There is of course a Subscription service where you can get lots of benefits, freebies, products and services for a much appreciated regular payment (there is a free tier too!). But I’ll unashamedly suggest you can at anytime make a cash donation to the cause! Cash donations allow me the time to develop more resources for Educators to use and to design more educational experiences for people to immerse in. I’ll not stop until I’ve got art covered or the issues are nil. But ….

You can give (and stipulate whether your donation is for a specific product, or to use for supporting my work in general)

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