help grow a sustainable

Inner artist today

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help grow a sustainable

Inner artist today

No matter your setting or student, there’s plenty of ways to get supported in an artistic quest for a sustainable future

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Raving About Mona Litta
    Paul Sawyer

    Year 6/7 Teacher

    "Thanks for all the effort and passion. The students in room 4 were very privileged to have you share your knowledge and expertise for the day. Awesome learning and reflecting occurred as they made their art. Truly Angela you're on a winner."


      Year 6

      "I'm going to try to make more art with stuff I find instead of buy!"


        Educator PD Participant

        "So valuable to learn sustainability in the art program and its link to curiosity and hope!"


          Year 2 Mona Litta Artist

          "I learnt that every art is different to yours. I like because it's different."

            Roxanne Trevor

            Early Childhood Educator

            "Angela's energy and passion for sustainable art practices left an impression on our young, budding artists. They developed an awareness of the impact of human activity on environments."

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            The benefits are many. Besides the obvious - learning to create in ways that care for an environment under stress thereby helping not only our habitat but also helping to protect the Arts sector for
            future generations - there’s benefits including (in no particular order)… more connectedness to ecosystems and human impact on them, psychological benefits of eco-connectedness, integrated
            studies learning with significant focus on Science, resourcefulness, critical thinking, problem-solving, flexible-thinking, conscious risk-taking, mindfulness, improved wellbeing, communication
            skills, innovation, design-thinking including life-span of a product, pride and leadership, links to community and industry, work skills, and more!

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